Frequent questions

Here are our answers to some of the most common questions.

Please tell me the time for check in and check out.
Check in time is 15:00-22:00. Curfew is 23:00. Check out time is 6:00-10:00.
Is it possible to leave the luggage before check in or after check out?
It is possible to put your luggage at our cloakroom. There are coin lockers for valuables.
Is it possible to book even I am not a member of the youth hostel?
Yes. The price for accommodation is the same for member and non-member.
Is it possible to book for 1 person?
Yes. There are many single travelers using our hostel.
Do you have children price?
Price for children who are aged 4 or above is the same as adult. Children who are 3 or below sharing the same bed with their parents do not need to pay.
Is it possible to book for group?
Yes. The maximum is 100 people. Please check here for group reservation.
When can I reserve?
For personal reservation it is possible 3 months before use. For group reservation, it is possible 1 year before use.
Is there any cancellation fee for accommodation?
There is cancellation fee for accommodation. For details please see here.
Is it possible to pay by card?
Yes. It is only valid for personal reservation. We accept VISA, MASTER, Ynipay cards.
Is there a parking?
There is no parking that is managed by our youth hostel.
Please use the public parking or nearby parking.
Is there any Wi-fi?
Yes. There is free Wi-fi in the hostel.
Is there a public bath?
Yes. There is a public bath for men and women separately.
Is there any shower room?
Yes. There are shower rooms inside the public bath.
Is there any shampoo available in the bath area?
Yes. There are shampoo, conditioner and body soap inside the bath areas and shower rooms.
Is there any towels or Japanese light cotton kimono?
No. There are towels for sale or rent. ( bath towel for rental 200yen/ face towel 200yen/ teeth brush 100yen/ shaver 100yen/ powdered detergent 100yen))
It is possible to use the public bath only?
Yes. 500yen per person per time
Is it possible to just eat in?
No. Restaurant only serve lodger. Those who would like to eat with lodger inside the hostel please contact us.
Is it possible to cook?
Yes. There is a kitchen corner with cooking utensils, dinnerware and refrigerator for guest use. It is possible to cook simple dishes. (price for using kitchen: 50 yen/ time)
Can I bring alcohol with me?
It is possible to bring alcohol with you. There are alcohols selling in the stand during dinner time and auto machine inside the hostel.
Is there a smoking area?
Yes. There are smoking area at the entrance (1st floor) and terrace (2nd floor).
Can I bring my pet with me to stay or use the facilities in the hostel?
No. Any pets, not concerning the size of the pet are not allow enter the hostel no matter for accommodation or use.
Is it accessible for wheelchair user to stay?
Yes. The hostel is free of barriers, wheelchair users are welcome to stay with us.