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About Nagai Youth Hostel

What is Youth Hostel?

Nagai Youth Hostel

Nagai Youth Hostel is built for young people who love to travel; we are safe and cheap to stay. We are a membership accommodation. (Non-members can also stay at Nagai Youth Hostel with member’s price). In Osaka city, the position of this hostel is a social education facility available for travelers to stay, organizing trainings, training camps, etc. In order to provide a cheap price, different to other hotels or ryokan, we do not provide personal amenity such as teeth brush and towels. Also we are self-service base; please kindly cooperate with bedding and some managerial side.

House rules

Different to other hotels, Nagai Youth Hostel has its own house rules. This is not just for the cheap price; it also aims to train young people to understand how to live with each other. To stay in Nagai Youth Hostel, you must follow the house rules. There are many facilities in the Youth Hostel that you need to share with others, such as rooms, baths and kitchens. You are staying in a share house; please concern others while you are using these facilities.

  • Please note that different youth hostels have different rules.

The start of Youth Hotel

In 1909 (Meiji 42) when the German primary school teacher Richard Schirrmann traveled with children on foot, he thought about the basic ideas on youth hostel. In 1912, he opened the first hostel in Altena castle at Ruhr industrial area.

The history of Nagai Youth Hostel

Osaka city owned Nagai Youth Hostel was opened in 1970, the year that Osaka held the Universal Exposition. It was renewed and opened in 1996 for National Sports Festival. It is an unique youth hostel built inside a stadium.


  • 〒546-0034 大阪市東住吉区長居公園1-1
  • TEL 06-6699-5631

  • From Kansai International Airport 60mins by JR
  • From Shin-Osaka Station 30mins by subway
  • From Umeda station 20mins by subway
  • From Namba station 15mins by subway

  • 10 mins walk from Exit 1 subway Nagai station
  • 10mins walk from East exit JR Nagai Station
  • 5mins walk from JR Tsurugaoka Station

Note for parking

Nagai Youth Hostel do not have parking area.
Please use the public car parking area inside the park or nearby parking area.
There are underground parking area, South parking area (for passenger vehicles) and Central parking area (for buses and handicapped) in Nagai Park