Why not?
Say hello in the Park.
Good to watch sports.
Running is Fun.
Best start of the day

Where to stay in Osaka? Nagai is the very hostel for you!

Easy to hand around South and North. Directly to Shin-Osaka or Kansai International Airport by train.
We are a large-scale hostel with capacity of 100 max, suitable for solo traveler, girls group travelers, training camp, etc. There are private rooms for families, it is relaxing, and price is reasonable.
Welcome to our stadium hostel, with running track and garden.

Freedom is the perfect word to describe our spacious hostel.

When you arrive Nagai Hostel, you will be relaxing.
There are lots of places for fun around Nagai Hostel, such as café, parks and stadium.
Enjoy your time in our free atmosphere.


Nagai Youth Hostel welcome anyone to stay with us, no member registration, no restrictions on age, sex or nationality. It is convenience for accommodation, training camp, conference, sports, meeting, etc.

About the hostel


For group more than 10 people. We are suitable for sport training camps, short-term training camp, school trips, etc. We can help to organize conference rooms, arranging meals, assigning rooms, etc.

Group booking


There is a running track 2813m around the Nagai park. Hostel has a running station. You can take a shower there after 16:00.A running experience in Osaka will make your travel more fun!

Large variety plans for single traveler and group travelers

Accommodation plan do not include any meal.
Don’t worry about the season, Nagai Hostel provides low price accommodation plan all through the year.
Price are reasonable for weekend, summer holiday and consecutive public holidays.


from 2,900 yen


max. 6
male or female only rooms
guest room

from 3,400 yen


single or double bed
recommended for business or couple
family room & Japanese style room

from 2,900 yen


family room: max 4 people/ Japanese style room: max 16 people
recommended for family or group